Richard H. Moore


Richard H. Moore was named as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company in June 2012. Prior to joining the Company, he served as a managing director of San Diego-based Relational Investors LLC. Prior to joining Relational Investors, Mr. Moore served two terms as State Treasurer of North Carolina and for four years as the Secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety. Mr. Moore also served as Chair of the North Carolina State Banking Commission for eight years. Mr. Moore serves on numerous New York Stock Exchange boards and committees and is the past chair of the NYSE Regulation Board of Directors. Mr. Moore was previously an Assistant U.S. Attorney and also practiced corporate, real estate and tax law for many years. Mr. Moore is a former trustee of Wake Forest University and served on its Investment Committee. Mr. Moore has been a director of the Company and First Bank since 2010.

Mr. Moore’s career has provided him with extensive financial and accounting experience and gives him keen insight with respect to budget and audit matters, as well as the oversight, governance and management of larger organizations.